Graduate School "Symmetry Breaking"

DFG Research Training Group 1581

One of the key ideas in modern physics is the realization that symmetries are of fundamental importance for our understanding of the laws of nature and the structure of matter. The hallmark of the Graduate School Symmetry breaking in fundamental interactions is the application of a range of complementary theoretical and experimental methods for pursuing a common research goal. Research activities range from experiments at high-energy particle colliders to precision measurements using ion traps or ultra-cold neutrons. Three main areas form the basis for the Graduate School: "The origin of mass and the structure of matter", "The Standard Model and beyond", and "Breaking of fundamental symmetries". Precision measurements are the key to understanding of the role of symmetries in nature. The participating scientists are internationally renowned experts and have access to unique local facilities at Mainz, which play a special role for the training of graduate students. These include the electron accelerator MAMI-C, the research reactor TRIGA, and high-performance computing clusters. The principal investigators also contribute significantly to research activities at national and international laboratories, such as CERN, Fermilab, GSI, and ILL.

Please note that the GRK has expired and will not provide funding for new PhD applicants. We recommend to visit the page of the Mainz Physics Academy, the center for young researchers within the Excellence Cluster PRISMA+, where new positions will be advertised.