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The annual retreat offers all our members, fellows and associated members, the opportunity to better get to know each other and discuss physics in an informal atmosphere. Students can present their research projects in short presentations followed by discussions. In addition, lecture courses by distinguished scientists from leading institutions will be given, covering fields of relevance to the Graduate School and broadening our physics horizon.

Previous Retreats:
Annual Retreat  2015 in Bad Kreuznach 
Annual Retreat  2013 in Kloster Eberbach
Annual Retreat  2012 in Bad Kreuznach
Annual Retreat  2010 in Bingen
Annual Retreat  2009 in Mainz

Summer Schools

Every other year the scope of the annual retreat will be enlarged significantly to include a physics school and/or a topical workshop, focusing on one of the main research fields of the Graduate School.
The physics school will cover a broad program of introductory and more advanced lectures, while a workshop will focus on a more in-depth exposition of a few selected topics. Short presentations by the students and researchers from Mainz enrich the program.

Next summer school: September 18-23, 2016 on the Fraueninsel/Chiemsee!

Previous Summer Schools:
Summer school 2014  in Frauenwörth/Chiemsee, September 1 to 5, 2014.
Summer School 2011 in Frauenwörth/Chiemsee, September, 12 to 16, 2011