Support and Qualification Program

While anchored in a vibrant research environment, the training of graduate students aims at striking the right balance between performing independent research and attending courses and seminars. A structured course of lectures on the main topics of the graduate school is supplemented by more advanced special-Topic courses on a variety of subjects in theoretical and experimental physics. Students are expected to take at least of the main lecture courses during their PhD program. Active participation in the special-topic courses related to the research area of the PhD is strongly encouraged.

The lecture courses are complemented by a weekly seminar and an annual retreat, for which high-profile international experts are invited as lecturers and keynote speakers. In order to promote scientific excellence, the training concept includes an incentive system. Up to two prizes honoring outstanding achievements will be awarded each year. Also, students can apply for individual financial support to pursue their own research ideas and projects. In addition to the acquisition of scientific knowledge, the training concept is closely entwined with the university-wide program General Postgraduate Program, which is aimed at teaching key qualifications and transferable skills.

Course of lectures 

Special-topic courses

Weekly seminar

Annual retreats / Summer Schools

PHD Thesis Award

General Postgraduate program / Allgemeines Promotionskolleg


Advancement of women

We put a focus on the advancement of women in order to keep female scientists in the pipeline of a scientific career.

This is what we support:

  • Lunch meetings to discuss careers with women at the institute and guests.
  • Create opportunities to meet with experienced visiting female speakers.
  • Networking with other women in science and industry -> Ada-Lovelace-Mentoring Program
  • Support and resources for (male or female) fellows and associated members who are parents.