Annual Retreat 2012

It had been jointly organized with EMG ("Elementary Forces and Mathematical Foundations").
All fellows of the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking took part.
PIs and associated members ('Kollegiaten') as well as EMG-fellows were strongly encouraged and welcome to participate.

External Speakers:
Klaus Blaum, MPI Heidelberg
Gilberto Colangelo, ITP Bern
Marco Cirelli, CEA/CERN

Gabriele Honecker (THEP)
Lucia Masetti (ETAP)
Harvey Meyer (KPH-Theorie)

The annual retreats offer the opportunity to better get to know each other and discuss physics in an informal atmosphere. Students have the opportunity to present their research projects and attend the lectures by distinguished scientists from leading institutions which cover fields of relevance to the Graduate School.

The event had taken place in Bad Kreuznach at the CARAVELLE Hotel from Sept. 24-26, 2012.

List of participants

Program & Schedule

Presentations can be send upon request:
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