Annual Retreat 2013

This year's program combined the GRK retreat from Sept 17 to 19 with an extended PRISMA Meeting following on Sept 19 and 20. The retreat was open to all GRK members and PIs. Participation was mandatory for all GRK fellows. Associated members and PIs were cordially invited.

The retreat had taken place at "Kloster Eberbach" in Eltville, Rheingau.
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*****************GRK Annual Retreat (Sept 17-19)*******************

The annual retreat allows all junior scientists of GRK and PRISMA to share their research activities and get to know each other in an informal setting. Students have the opportunity to present their research projects to peers and advisors. In addition, lectures by renowned scientists in the field of Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions are offered.

External Speakers: Link to lecture:
Dieter Zeppenfeld (Karlsruhe):
Higgs Physics (theory)
Jens Erler (UNAM Mexico):
Low energy precision physics
Matthias Schott (Mainz):
Higgs Physics (experiment)
Please contact the lecturer directly!
Sven Sturm (Mainz):
Precision Physics with Ion Traps
Please contact the lecturer directly!
Walter Winter (Würzburg):
Neutrino Physics

Barbara Jäger (Mainz, THEP)
Harvey Meyer (Mainz, KPH-Theory)

Registered Participants GRK Retreat


Schedule of Talks of PhD students
Presentations can be send upon request: Please contact lugert(at)