Fast-Track Fellowships

We sponsor students carrying a bachelor degree (or, for German students, a degree from a "Fachhochschule") with a 12-months fellowship if you are aiming at doing a PhD without the Master's.

After a one-year fast track study program they will be admitted as a PhD student and be supported by a regular PhD fellowship.

These are the requirements:

  • excellent grades during B.Sc. studies;
  • two recommendation letters, documenting that they belong to the top 5-10% students of their class;
  • an English language test (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS or similar) OR a German language test, if you are not a native English or German or if you have not studied in a German or English speaking country;
  • The application must be supported in writing by at least two of the Principal Investigators of the Graduate School. At least one of them will be your supervisor.
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 During your first year, you will have to ...

  • follow a study program which is individually designed for you by your supervisor(s) at a master-level  aiming to bring the student up to the standards of a regular PhD student within a two-semester period;
  • write a scientific thesis for a period of 4 months after a successful study program;
  • If the applicant completes this 12 months study program successfully (achieving at least 40 ECTS points with an average grade of better than 1.5 within the two-semester period) and a successful thesis, the Selection Committee  grants admission to the PhD program.

At the moment this fellowship is awarded until March 2018.