Lecture Program

The core program consists of four introductory-level courses on the main topics of the Graduate School, which will be taught in a four-semester cycle. Typically, these courses are presented by a team of theoretical and experimental physicists.

Each term we have a special lecture for the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking which is typically held by a theoretical and an experimental physicist.

We have a weekly seminar program which is jointly organized with PRISMA.

Students are strongly encouraged to give their ideas for speakers or topics that would interest them most.
At the end of each seminar term there will be a short meeting to assess those interests and thus, for the next term, the program will be arranged accordingly.

For members: please contact the organizer of this seminar series, Prof. Michael Wurm, or the student representative by e-mail.

Training for researchers is necessary to meet the challenges of a modern society and are becoming more and more important in our technology-centered and science-based world. Nowadays, after completion of a PhD, scientists are expected to have a solid science related knowledge as well as a bundle of soft-skills. Therefore, to improve this field of knowledge PhD students will analyse their skills together with their supervisor and mentor and agree upon required trainings. This way we meet each student's needs in a flexible and competent way and support them to become valued scientists.