PhD Thesis Award

Every year we grant our PhD Thesis Award for one of the summa cum laude PhD theses.

The award comes with a small package of prestigious "prizes", such as a cash cheque, a publication in the JGU booklet featuring all the awards of the university in that year and an invitation to the DIES ACADEMICUS, a ceremony with university VIPs and guest speakers. There is a coverage by the newspapers on this event. The GRK is issuing a fancy certificate on top of it all.

Previous awardees:

2018: Franziska Hagelstein (KPH-Theory)

2017: Markus Zinser (ETAP), read more: brochure 2017 excerpt

2016: Christian Siemensen (Nucl. Chem.), read more: brochure 2016 excerpt

2015: Vladyslav Pauk (KPH-Theory), read more: brochure 2015 excerpt

2014: Matthias Lungwitz (ETAP), read more: brochure 2014 excerpt

2013: Martin Bauer (THEP)

2012: Sebastian Eckweiler (ETAP)