PhD Fellowships

The Graduate School offers up to 12 Graduate Fellowships at any given time on a competitive basis. They are awarded solely on the basis of scientific excellence of the applicants. Fellowships come with a very attractive salary equivalent of two-thirds of a regular postdoctoral position, as well as with individual travel grants. Admission to the Graduate School is open to all graduate students holding a Master's of Science degree or Master's of Engineering degree with a specialization in one of the areas listed below:

  • Elementary Particle Physics
  • Hadron and Nuclear Physics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Quantum Field Theory
  • Lattice Gauge Theory

Admitted students have access to all resources of the school, can participate in the lectures, seminars, annual retreats or summer schools and can apply for travel grants.

Necessary documents for an application
Information about the admission procedure

Read more about our rules and opportunities in our manual.

We have open positions for graduate students to start with flexible start dates until September 30, 2018.
Please send your application to until May 31, 2018.

Fast-Track Fellowships

We sponsor students carrying a bachelor degree (or for German students a degree from a "University of Applied Sciences" or "Hochschule") with a 12-months fellowship if you are aiming at doing a PhD without the Master's.