Prerequisite for admission to the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions is an outstanding Master's degree (or an equivalent degree such as the German 'Diplom') from a university. You may as well apply holding a Bachelor's degree to enter our Fast-Track-Program which offers you a PhD fellowship after having succeeded in our Qualifying Program.

The topic of the master thesis should be related to one of the research areas pursued by the Graduate School:

  • Elementary Particle Physics (experiment and theory),
  • Hadron and Nuclear Physics (experiment and theory),
  • Atomic Physics and Physics with ultra-cold Neutrons,
  • Nuclear Chemistry,
  • Particle Astrophysics,
  • Lattice Gauge Theory, Quantum Field Theory, and String Theory.

We recommend to contact at least one of our Principal Investigators or other professors of the Institute of Physics, Nuclear Physics or Nuclear Chemistry before applying to increase your chances for admission.

While excellent grades are not the only admission criterion, they will play a role in the pre-selection of applicants and the assignment of fellowships.