Summer School 2018

Our fourth international summer school  will take place  again in the Benedictine abbey "Frauenwörth" on the lovely Chiemsee island Frauenchiemsee in Bavaria/Germany from September 16 to 21, 2018.

Registration  ends on July 21, 2018


The Summer School will be jointly organized by the excellence cluster PRISMA and the Graduate School Symmetry Breaking in Fundamental Interactions.

Both institutions are affiliated with the department of physics, mathematics and computational sciences of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Lectures and topical had been presented by world-leading physicists in the fields of experimental particle physics, theoretical particle physics, mathematical physics and cosmology.

Confirmed Speakers are:

Matteo CacciariLPTHE, Paris 7/FranceStandard Model: Jet Physics
Ingrid-Maria GregorDESY Hamburg/GermanyExperimental LHC Physics
Klaus KirchPSI Villigen/SwitzerlandElectric Dipole Moments
Bira van KolckIPN Orsay/France and
University of Arizona, Tucson/USA
Chiral Effective Theories
Simone Marcocci FermilabNeutrino Physics
Javier RedondoUniversidad de Zaragoza/SpainAxions

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