Events – Summer Schools and Retreats

Summer Schools

Every other year we offer a five-days physics summer school which will focus on one of the main research fields of the Graduate School.
The summer school will cover a broad program of introductory and more advanced lectures.

We aim at having internationally renowned scientists as lecturers and are open to graduate students from other institutes worldwide. Short presentations by PhD students about their own research enrich the program.


The three-days retreats offer our members, fellows and associated members the opportunity to get to know each other better and discuss physics in an informal atmosphere. Students can present their research projects in short presentations followed by discussions. In addition, lecture courses by distinguished scientists from leading institutions will be given, covering fields of relevance to the Graduate School and broadening our physics horizon.


During our one to three-day workshops we cover training needs that are specifically tailored to the needs of our members. PhD students are welcome to address ideas and possible topics to the coordination office or to the student representative.

Previous Events

Previous workshops: FPGA-workshop, October 6-8, 2015 and 13-15, 2016.
Summer School 2018

Annual Retreat 2017
Kloster Johannisberg/Geisenheim

Summer School 2016
18.- 23.09.2016

Annual Retreat 2015
Bad Kreuznach

Summer School 2014
01.- 05.09.2014

Annual Retreat 2013
Kloster Eberbach/Eltville

Annual Retreat 2012
24.- 26.09.2012
Bad Kreuznach

Summer School 2011
12.-16.09.2011, Frauenwörth/Chiemsee